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JIO New Recharge Plans List for 2022

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Reliance jio just introduced its new prepaid recharge plans. According to the new recharge plans the price of the monthly plans has been increased. Also I have seen in most of the plans the validity also got decreased. Get the information about the jio recharge plans including all the offers for the year 2021 and 2022. The list is updated with monthly plans, quarterly plans, annual plans and other plans. We have included all the plans from jio including the unlimited plans, daily data limit plans, free call plans, free SMS plans, jio phone recharge plans, work from home plans, cricket plans, no daily data limit plans and all other plans.

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JIO New Plan 2022 List

 Jio Happy New Year Offer 2022

JIO Unlimited Recharge Plans


2545336 Days1.5 GB/DayFREE100/dayJio APPs
66684 Days1.5 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
47956 Days1.5 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
23928 Days1.5 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
19923 Days1.5 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
11914 Days1.5 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
2879365 Days2 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
71984 Days2 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
53356 Days2 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
29928 days2 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
24923 days2 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
20928 days1 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
17924 Days1 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
14920 Days1 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
4199365 Days3 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
119984 days3 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
60128 Days3 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
41928 days3 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs

JIO No daily data Limit Plans

PLAN (INR)ValidityDataCallSMSAPP
29630 days25 GBFREE100/DayJio APPs

Jio Cricket Plans

PLAN (INR)ValidityDataCallSMSAPP
60128 Days3 GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs

JIO 4D Add ON data Vouchers

PLAN (INR)ValidityDataCallSMSAPP
121Active Plan12 GBNONONO
61Active Plan6 GBNONONO
25Active Plan2 GBNONONO
15Active Plan1 GBNONONO

JIO Work from Home Packs

PLAN (INR)ValidityDataCallSMSAPP
30130 Days50 GBNONONO
24130 Days40 GBNONONO
18130 Days30 GBNONONO

JIO Phone Special Recharge Plans

PLAN (INR)ValidityDataCallSMSAPP
899336 days2GB/28 daysFREE50/28DaysJio APPs
22228 Days2GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
18628 Days1GB/DayFREE100/DayJio APPs
15228 days0.5 GB/DayFREE300 SMSJio APPs
12523 days0.5 GB/DayFREE300 SMDJio APPs
9128 Days0.1GB/DayFREE50 SMSJio APPs
7523 days0.1GB/DayFREE50 SMSJio APPs

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