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Airtel New Recharge Plans & Offers List 2022

Airtel New Year Recharge Plans 2022

Airtel New Year Recharge Plans 2022

Airtel is the second largest Telecom operator in India. Recently Airtel have did some changes to its plans regarding price, validity, data, voice, SMS, application and all other related offers. Get all the information about new Airtel plans for the year 2022 along with all the available offers below.

Airtel New Recharge Plans List 2022

Airtel Truly Unlimited Recharge Plans 2022

PLAN (INR)ValidityDataCallSMSAPP
71984 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
47956 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
29928 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
26528 Days1 GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
83984 Days2GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
54956 days2GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
35956 days2GB/DayUnlimited100/DayXstream
45584 days6 GBUnlimited100/DayYes
17928 Days2 GBUnlimited100/DayYes
69956 Days3GB/dayUnlimited100/DayPrime
2999365 Days2GB/dayUnlimited100/DayYes
1799365 Days24GBUnlimited100/DayYes
3359365 Days2GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
83856 days2GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
66677 Days1.5GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
59928 Days3GB/dayUnlimited100/DayYes
44928 Days2.5GB/dayUnlimited100/DayYes
23924 days1GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
20921 Days1GB/DayUnlimited100/DayYes
15524 days1GBUnlimited100/DayYes

Airtel Smart Recharge Plans List 2022

PLAN (INR)ValidityDataCall TariffSMS
9928 Days200 MBAll India 1P/SecRs.1/1.5

Airtel Data Recharge Plans List 2022

PLAN (INR)ValidityData
118Same As Existing Plan12 GB
301Same As Existing Plan50 GB
58Same As Existing Plan3 GB
148Same As Existing Plan15 GB
108Same As Existing Plan6 GB
98Same As Existing Plan5 GB

All The Plans and Offers are updated on New Year 2022 1st January 2022.

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