Zee Rang, Zee Zabardast, Zee Pichhar HD & Zee Thirai HD Coming Soon From ZEE Network

One of the most popular TV broadcaster of India Zee network is going to launch four new channels  very soon. Among the four channels 2 are standard definition channels and rest 2 are the high definition channels.

In the list of standard definition channels, the name of the new channels are Zee rang & Zee Zabardast. There is no information about the channel category and the geners till now. Somehow we hope the Zee rang might be a Hindi music channel and Zee Zabardast might be a Hindi movie channel.

The rest two are  high definition channels.  they are Zee Picchar HD, and Zee Thirai HD. The standard definition version for some of these channels are already available and running.

 There is no information like when the channels are going to launch in India but we can hop like they might launch in the first quarter of 2021.

 Stay with us for more information about the channels and when they are going to launch and the generous and everything. We are ready to provide you every information about the channels on our website.