Windows 7 Crack or Origional?

If you want to install a Windows 7 operating system on your laptop or on your home computer then it’s recommended that you should most viewed Windows 7 genuine version after purchasing it from the reputed Windows reseller.  sometimes due to high price cost we install cracked versions of Windows 7 on our computer or laptop.  it is not recommended but still we use it to save money.  but one thing you can take on your mind that always there something bad in every crack versions.  you should not get much functions for Facilities on Windows 7 crack version then the Windows 7 original.  original persons are came direct from the Microsoft and it contains all the pictures and all the possibilities that Microsoft has given in it.  but can crack version you will loss many things that a original version have.  and also there is a possibility of virus attack or data loss with crack version.  but if you’re using the original version then it’s very less chances.  If you are using a original version then you can upgrade from a lower version to higher version easily but with the cracked version it’s not possible.  when you are using a original person then you can easily get the updates from Windows directly and easily by which you can make changes on your operating system as per time to time Microsoft project but when you are using a cracked version you should not receive updates from Windows directly.  original version of Microsoft Windows 7 gives you higher security with windows defender or firewall which is not possible with the crack version.  the crack version of Windows 7 can get easily and almost free.  but you should keep in mind that every things that came to us easily or without a single cause maybe causes problem in future.  so that you should always aware about the original versions of Windows 7.