WILD STONE TARANG PARIVAAR AWARDS 2021 – 2nd Most Viewed Program on TV

WILD STONE TARANG PARIVAAR AWARDS 2021  became the 2nd most viewed Odia TV program for the first week of  February. Most of the Odia people say watch this program on their TV. Even the program Tara Tarini on Tarang TV is still at the top most viewed program in Odia language by the TV viewers. And again the The Wild Stone Tarang Parivar Award 2021 became the second most viewed Oriya program on television. It seems like everything for which time to do is just becoming topper and topper. If we are considering the the top 5 most viewed programs in Odia language than 3 programs from Tarang TV channel is appearing in the list.

So here we can say clearly  that Tarang TV network is day by day improving its program and performance in Odisha television industry. If you are considering about the top 5 most beautiful channels of Odisha then also you will see 3 channels from Tarang TV Network are there in the top 5 list. This is just because the quality of the program that Tarang TV network is making.