What Is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a semiconductor based memory. the memory of RAM can be read write and execute by the CPU or the other hardware devices on the computer. RAM is a volatile memory.  so it does not have capability to store the data permanently and it stores the data temporarily. Once the system getting turned off then the data stored on Ram getting lost. Each and every processes happen on your computer always do its activity on the Random Access Memory. Then it stored on the hard disk or any other storage device if we stop it. Till the program or process have not Store on storage device then it does its work on the Random Access Memory. We most save the program to a external storage device before switching off our system otherwise it will be lost. The most number of size of RAM give you the capability to do the huge number of multitasking. Because all the task you do on your computer turns on the RAM till its not executed to a external storage device. Always take in mind if you are doing huge number of tasks then you must use large size of RAM on your computer or on your mobile or on your laptop. RAM is a internal storage device for the computer but it’s an external storage device for the processor.The static RAM or the cache memory is the internal memory for the processor but the dynamic Ram or jar general import we are using of 1 GB or 2 GB or anything else is the external storage device for the processor. But  when we are talking about our whole computer or the motherboard it is the internal memory.

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