What is Hyper Threading?

Hyper threading is a feature of Intel Processor.  it enables a single processor to work as two logically different processes.  a single code of execution is known as thread.  it is a part of a program that execute independently.  buy this you can do to multiple wark at one time.  for example you can do a spell check in a word processing application as well as input text into the application simultaneously.  in hyper threading Technology two Threads from different programs can be executed by the processor at a time.  this increases the performance of the system.  this technology works only Queen to processes with high processing requirements are running, such as a video editing tool and an antivirus.  the technology is also available for desktop replacement Notebook in the mobile Pentium 4 processor.  the Intel Processor from Pentium 4.  are available with hyper threading Technology. this technology is developed by Intel.