What is Google Search Console?

We all know that the Google is the number one search engine of the world. Every website admin wants visits from Google search engine. So that everyone wants to position of their site on Google search result. Good position of the search result meand good visit to your site. To have a look on your status of your website on Google and to manage issues of your website on Google Search Engine, Google have introduced a console for you. That console is known as Google search console. The Webmaster can register on Google search console too. Track their website visits from Google and can manage their status on Google. This service of Google help webmasters to check keyword position, visit from Google, security issues from Google, actions from Google and many more things with almost solution of the resolution for the Google search console. The Google search console is also known as the Google Webmaster tool. You can search on Google with Keyword Google search console or Google Webmaster tool to visit. There will be option for add a website where you can add your website to track with Google.