What is Dual Channel Memory (DIMM) & Single Channel Memory (SIMM)?

Generally the speed of the Random Access memory is slower than the speed of central Processing Unit. So to manage the work of computer with the central Processing Unit RAM memory should be as fast as the CPU.  so that Ram increases its data rate by using a technique known as dual channel. Here we will discuss about single channel memory and dual channel memory.

Single channel memory:

Single channel memory is also known as SIMM or single inline memory module. Commonly in single channel memory all kind of memory devices of 64bit connecting the memory controller and memory sockets. The memory databases are shared among all memory sockets.

Dual channel memory:

It also known as DIMM or dual inline memory module. In this technique the memory controller expands there width of data bus from 64 to 128 bits. By this the data transfer rate of the memory get doubled.After enabling the technique on a single channel memory does after transfer rate get doubled but the clock rate and capacity and that timing will be same as in single channel memory. In dual channel memory each memory model can accept only 64 bits per cycle, 2 memory models are used in dual channel to accommodate 128 bit data buses. For dual channel memory we need even number of memory module on system.