What is Dual Boot?

Dual boot installation allows you to install more than one operating system on the same computer.  for example you can boot your PC between Windows XP and Windows 7 or between Windows Vista and Windows 7. you can select the operating system that you want to boot from the Windows boot manager.  is operating system has its own partition on hard disc price.  if you install earlier versions of Windows 7 Windows XP or Vista after installing Windows 7,  the installation process of earlier Windows operating system does not recognise the Windows XP or Vista operating system and the computer boots only earlier version of Windows only. in dual boot system, you can install Windows 7 Pro and installation media or run the installation setup for previous version of Windows that has been installed already.  when you configure your computer to dual boot with Windows 7 you will get a visa to select the type of installation you want.

when you configure your computer to boot between multiple operating systems, you should install the operating system in the order in which they are released by Microsoft.  all lower versions or older versions should be at  last and select test or newer version should be at first.  the installation process of its operating system is same as the process of clean installation.  you just need to select the drive where the another operating system is not installed before installing a dual boot operating system.

to dual boot your computer between a new Windows operating system version and previous version of Windows, you should assign free   in system volume partition to accommodate it operating system. the recruitment of hardware like Ram and hard disk free   will be extra for the another operating system you want to load on your computer.  for example if you want to do a dual boot on your computer with two Windows 7 operating system then you need a minimum capacity of 2 GB ram as the Windows 7 operating system need 1 GB of minimum Ram.  also the hard disk free   must be  minimum 15 GB in each drive of two operating system.


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