What is Cache Memory?

The processor requires information to process the data. it is it right this information from the external memory such as Ram.  this process of  retrieving the instruction from the external memory serves as RAM is slow and time taking.  to solve this problem one thing was introduced in the microprocessor known as the cache memory.  the cache memory is built into the processor which the size of some kilobyte to megabyte.   the cache memory is the static RAM who is used a array of 6 transistors for each memory cell in it.  the data access of the cache memory is faster.

The processor store the required information in the cache memory.  then the processor check for information in the cache memory.  if the processor find the desired information in the cache memory then  it process easily with very less time and if the information is not found in the cache memory then it search the information direct from the Random Access Memory or Ram.


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