Upcoming Bengali TV Channels in India

Let’s have a look on the list of Bengali or Bangla Language TV channels which are going to lunch very soon or coming soon. So in the list only few channels are there which are coming soon in Bengali language. The list is included with the upcoming Bengali HD and SD channels list.

  1. TV 9 Bangla:
    TV 9 Bangla is a upcoming Bengali news channels from TV 9 network. Already TV 9 is having its channels in Telugu, Marathi and other few languages with successful results. Now TV 9 is planning to lunch its news and current affair channel in Bengali channels. very soon its going to start its broadcasting on Satellite.
  2. ETV Balya Bharat Bangla:
    Ennandu TV network going to lunch bunch of KIDs channels with the name brand of ETV Balya bharat very soon. In the list there is also the name of ETV Balya Bharat Bangla and it will be a 24HR Bengali KIDs channel which test transmission has been started.
  3. Sun Bangla HD:
    Sun TV network made its entry to Bengali market by its Sun Bangla channel few years back and got success in Standard version of the channel. Now by looking at the number of HD users, its planning to lunch Sun Bangla In HD version very soon.