Types Of Computer Network

Types of Computer Network.

Computer network is divided into various types as per various Methods like Its Design, Area, Topology, Protocols & Media Type. As per area of network its divided in 6 Types. But basically the types of network is considered as per the area size of network, because all other things like Design, Topology, Protocols & Media Types can be decided after the size of the network is decided.

As per the area of network its divided into 5 types. Generaly as basic network types we can consider network types through the Network.

  1. PAN (Personal Area Network) – In this type of network all devices are connected to each other with a privately created network. The mobile hotspot will be a good example for this type of network.
  2. LAN (Local Area Network) – In this type of network all PCs or devices are connected through a network media or transmission media and somewhere it may use a central device. A local office or a computer lab should be a good example for this type of network. Generally a workgroup created at home or office can consider as a LAN.
  3. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) – It’s a type of network which created by joining some Local Area Network in a city. There should be used some network devices and transmission medium to join various LANs.
  4. CAN (Campus Area Network) – This type of network are created by joining buildings in a campus using a bridged device and medium. For example we can consider a office with 2 buildings or 2 floors with having separate LAN for each and all the floors or building are connected using a Bridge.
  5. WAN (Wide Area Network) – When many Local Area Networks (LAN) get connected, it creates a large size of computer network. Due to the long size its known as Wide Area Network. For example when our office is connected with our nearest Internet service Provider (ISP) can communicate to a office which is in another country or far away from here by distance. The Internet is the Big Network in Computer network which is a good example of WAN.


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