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Top 5 Most Viewed TV Channels in Odisha | Week 21, 2023

tarang tv channels list 2021 2022

tarang tv channels list 2021 2022

Odisha, a state rich in culture and heritage, has a vibrant television industry that caters to the preferences of its viewers. In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 most viewed TV channels in Odisha during Week 21, 2023, based on the average weekly AMA (Average Minute Audience) data.

  1. Zee Sarthak:
    Taking the top spot is Zee Sarthak, with an impressive average weekly AMA of 370.04 thousand viewers. Zee Sarthak is a popular Odia-language channel known for its diverse range of programming, including daily soaps, reality shows, movies, and cultural programs. Its captivating content resonates with the audience, making it the most viewed channel in Odisha.
  2. Tarang:
    Securing the second position is Tarang, another prominent Odia-language channel, with a weekly AMA of 323.62 thousand viewers. Tarang offers a wide variety of shows, including family dramas, reality shows, game shows, and musical events. With its engaging content, Tarang has a loyal viewership base in Odisha.
  3. STAR Sports 1 Hindi:
    At the third spot is STAR Sports 1 Hindi, a channel known for its comprehensive sports coverage, including cricket, football, and other popular sports. Even though it is primarily a sports channel, it garnered significant viewership in Odisha during Week 21, 2023, with an average weekly AMA of 102.49 thousand viewers.
  4. Goldmines:
    Ranking fourth is Goldmines, a popular channel that showcases a wide range of Hindi movies dubbed in Odia. With an average weekly AMA of 101.6 thousand viewers, Goldmines offers a rich collection of blockbuster films, catering to the movie enthusiasts in Odisha.
  5. Siddharth TV:
    Rounding up the top 5 is Siddharth TV, an Odia-language channel, with an average weekly AMA of 86.29 thousand viewers. Siddharth TV features a mix of daily soaps, reality shows, and cultural programs, capturing the attention of the viewers with its engaging content.

The top 5 most viewed TV channels in Odisha during Week 21, 2023, showcased a diverse range of content, catering to the preferences of the Odia-speaking audience. Channels like Zee Sarthak and Tarang continue to dominate the television landscape in the state, offering a variety of programs that resonate with the viewers. Additionally, the presence of sports and movie channels like STAR Sports 1 Hindi, Goldmines, and Siddharth TV adds to the entertainment options available to the viewers in Odisha.

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