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Tata Play Binge adds aha and VROTT to its list of OTT platforms

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Tata Play, a leading DTH operator in India, has added two new OTT platforms, aha and VROTT, to its Tata Play Binge service. With this latest development, Tata Play Binge now offers a total of 26 OTT platforms to its subscribers.

Both aha and VROTT have been added to all Tata Play Binge plans, including Mobile Pro, Super, and Mega, without any change in pricing. This means that Tata Play Binge subscribers can now access exclusive global content dubbed in local languages, as well as Telugu and Tamil-language content, at no extra cost.

VROTT, launched in January last year by VR Films, is a relatively new streaming service that focuses on premieres of exclusive global content dubbed in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu. Aha, on the other hand, is an OTT platform from Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited, offering Telugu and Tamil-language content.

This partnership is a win-win for both Tata Play and the two OTT platforms. For Tata Play, it diversifies their offerings and strengthens their position as a one-stop-shop for all entertainment needs. For aha and VROTT, it expands their reach to thousands of new households who use Tata Play for satellite television.

The addition of aha and VROTT to Tata Play Binge is in line with the growing trend of OTT platforms partnering with DTH operators to expand their reach and offer a seamless viewing experience for users. With the increasing popularity of OTT platforms and the ease of access provided by DTH operators, this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Tata Play’s addition of aha and VROTT to its Tata Play Binge service is a significant move that will benefit both subscribers and the two OTT platforms. This partnership underscores the importance of collaborations in the media and entertainment industry and highlights the continued growth and evolution of the OTT market in India.

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