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Tarang Music Channel Number on DTH & Cable TV

tarang music

Title: Tarang Music Channel Number on DTH & Cable TV: Your Ultimate Guide

Tarang Music, a popular Odia music channel, offers a delightful blend of music, entertainment, and cultural programs. If you’re searching for the channel number of Tarang Music on different DTH and Cable TV platforms, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with the Tarang Music channel number across various DTH and Cable TV providers. Let’s explore!

Tarang Music Channel Number on DTH Platforms:

  1. Tata Play: Channel 1761
  2. Airtel Digital TV: Channel 614
  3. Dish TV: Channel 1341
  4. Dish D2H: Channel 1739
  5. Sun Direct: Channel 661

Tarang Music Channel Number on Cable TV:
Tarang Music is widely available on various Cable TV networks across Odisha. Here is a list of popular Cable TV operators where you can find Tarang Music:

  1. Asianet Digital Network
  2. Bharti Telemedia
  3. Den Networks
  4. Digi Cable
  5. Fastway Transmissions
  6. GTPL Hathway
  7. Hathway Cable and Datacom
  8. Kerala Vision Digital TV
  9. NXT Digital
  10. Siti Networks
  11. You Scod18
  12. 7 Star Digital
  13. ACN Cable Network
  14. Arasu Cable TV
  15. BARC India
  16. Cable Cast
  17. Cable One
  18. Cable Quest
  19. Digiana Cable Network
  20. In Digital
  21. ICC Network
  22. Ortel Communications
  23. Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation Limited
  24. UCN Cable Network
  25. Vidya Cable TV Network
  26. Kerala Communicators Cable Limited

Please note that the channel number may vary depending on your specific location and Cable TV provider. It is recommended to contact your local Cable TV operator for the accurate channel number of Tarang Music.

Tarang Music, the popular Odia music channel, is a go-to destination for music lovers. To enjoy Tarang Music, tune in to the respective channel numbers on your DTH platform, such as Tata Play (Channel 1761), Airtel Digital TV (Channel 614), Dish TV (Channel 1341), Dish D2H (Channel 1739), or Sun Direct (Channel 661). For Cable TV viewers, Tarang Music is available on various Cable TV networks, but the channel number may vary based on your location and Cable TV operator. Stay tuned to Tarang Music for a melodious journey of Odia music and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of entertainment.

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