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Rs.19 Channels will Come Down to Rs.12 soon

Rs 12 lacarte channels

Hello friends. Wait a moment. Yes, you have listened the right thing. Soon the Rs.19 ala carte channels price going to be priced Rs.12. Your favourite channels like Zee TV, Star Plus, Star Sports, SONY, Sony Ten etc will priced max Rs.12 per month. You might thinking about how its possible. Let us know about the posibility.

Now the ala carte channels you are subscribing are according to the NTO 1.0. But in NTO 2.0 the story is totally different and soon NTO 2.0 is going to implement. Lets have a look on the terms in NTO 2.0.

  1. Consumers can now choose 200 channels of their
    choice excluding mandated Prasarbharti channels in maximum network capacity fee (NCF) of Rs 130/- per month.
  2. You have to pay only 40% of NCF for every second and additional
    TVs in a home.
  3. NTO2.0 prescribe linkage between A-la-carte price and Bouquet by
    mandating that sum of the A-la-carte channels in a bouquet will not be more than 1.5 times to that of bouquet price.
  4. MRP of a a-la-carte channel should not be more than Rs 12/- per month to be in a bouquet.
  5. the maximum NCF has been capped @ Rs.160 per
    month. Means if you are choosing more then 200 channels the n max to max you have to pay 160 PM.
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