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Revolutionizing the Viewing Experience: Star Sports Pro and VIP Features for IPL 2023

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Cricket fans around the world eagerly await the TATA IPL 2023, and Star Sports Network has something special in store for them. The official broadcaster of the tournament has announced a slew of interactive features, including Star Sports Pro and Star Sports VIP, which will revolutionize the viewing experience.

Real-Time Highlights, Key Moments, and Comprehensive Statistics

Star Sports Pro and Star Sports VIP offer a range of features, including Real-time Highlights, Key Moments, and Comprehensive Statistics. Real-time highlights allow viewers to catch up on any missed game segments instantly, while Key Moments showcase critical game-changing moments. The Comprehensive Statistics feature provides real-time statistics powered by ESPN Cricinfo’s statistical database, allowing viewers to stay on top of the game.

Ambience-Only Feed

The Ambience-Only mode provides an immersive stadium-like experience, allowing viewers to turn off commentary and enjoy unhindered in-stadia sound. By pressing the blue button on their remote, viewers can activate this mode and feel like they are in the stadium.

Subtitled Feed

The Subtitled Feed is designed for differently-abled audiences, providing live match commentary subtitles. This feature is also useful in noisy environments, allowing viewers to stay engaged in the game.


The Holobox is a new interactive experience that allows fans to teleport and interact with commentators while understanding key moments in the game in more detail. For example, a close call for LBW and stumping will be displayed more interactively, giving viewers every detail.

Hawkeye 4K Cam and Xeebra Quad Replay

The introduction of the Hawkeye 4K Cam and Xeebra Quad Replay aims to elevate the standard of programming and live match coverage. The Hawkeye 4K Cam technology calculates the exact position of the ball in three-dimensional space, giving precise tracking of the ball’s trajectory, spin, and speed. It also tracks the movements of players, providing deep insight into their performance.

The Star Sports Network promises to offer a revolutionary viewing experience to cricket fans during the TATA IPL 2023. With new interactive features and cutting-edge technology, viewers can look forward to an enhanced coverage of the tournament. As a spokesperson for Star Sports said, “As viewing experiences enter a new era, we want to make sure that we are always pushing boundaries, to serve fans.”

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