Reliance New Jio Phone 2 Flash Sale From Tomorrow

At last the waiting for Jiophone 2 Is going To over as Reliance Jio has declared officially on its website that Jiophone 2 sale starting from 16th Aug 2018. On website jio has not said about the price but as per last news on us the price should be Rs.2999. It seems like costly for these days, because people can available a smartphone with this price. But there is specialities in Jio phone with its plans and features which may make it popular again like its 1st version. The plans for Jiophone will be From Rs. 49 to Rs. 153 monthly.

Jiophone 2 plans 2018

The features of jiophone 2 are very much attractive. Its been upgraded so much from the old one. The jiophone 2 coming with a quesry keypad with a 2.4 inch display and 512 Mb of Random Access Memory.

Jiophone 2 specifications

Jiophone 2 also coming with Voice Assistant option by which user can access all features with its own voice command.

Reliance Jiophone 2 2018

User can also watch live TV & Videos on his TV screen using a Jiomedia Cable by connecting from its mobile.