Reliance Jio Internet Speed Geting Low In Every Month

The Telecom  regulator Authority of India has reported that in the year 2017 Reliance jio internet speed was continuously increased in every month. But in 2018 Reliance jio internet speed is getting decreased in each and every month. TRai has also reported the speed of Reliance jio in the month March 2018 was 17.9 MBPS but in April it comes down to 14.7 mbps.The TRAI also reported that during April 2018 Airtel internet speed was 9.2 MBPS and Idea cellular internet speed was 7.4 MBPS and the Vodafone internet speed was 7.1 mbps. In the month December 2017 Reliance jio was secured a average download speed in 4G of 25.6 mbps while other operator secured below 10 MBPS at that time. Talking about the upload speed The Idea cellular leads the top with 6.5 MBPS while Airtel and Reliance jio secure 3rd and 4th position with 4 MBPS and 3.7 MBPS average upload speed respectively. Upload speed of Vodafone is 5.2 MBPS on its 4G network.