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Reliance Jio 5G Upgrade Recharge Offer 2023

reliance jio 5g

Reliance Jio has started a new recharge plan. The name of this recharge plan has been given as 5G Upgrade. If you recharge this plan, then you can come from Jio’s 4G service to 5G service. According to Reliance Jio, you are going to get many benefits in this plan.

The cost of this plan is ₹61. The validity of this plan will be according to the validity of your existing plan. Meaning that if you have recharged with some other plan, then the plan made till the validity of that plan will work for you. You will also get 6GB of free data in Islam. In this plan, you will also get Jio’s 5G welcome offer. This plan will work only in the same area where Jio’s 5G service has come. If Jio’s 5G service has not come in your area, then this plan cannot provide you 5G service. But you can use 6 GB data at 4G speed.

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