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Pudhari News, Goldmines 2, Goldmines Action New TV Channel Coming Soon

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Exciting Additions: Three New TV Channels Coming Soon!

Television enthusiasts always eagerly await the arrival of new channels that bring fresh content and entertainment to their screens. In this blog post, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of three exciting TV channels: Pudhari News, Goldmines 2, and Goldmines Action. These channels have received the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) license and are set to make their mark in the broadcasting industry. Let’s delve into the details and explore what these channels have in store for viewers.

  1. Pudhari News: Stay Updated with Marathi News
    Pudhari News, owned by Pudhari Publications Private Limited, is all set to hit the airwaves. This Marathi news channel aims to deliver comprehensive news coverage, current affairs, and insightful discussions to its viewers. With the MIB license secured and the necessary uplinking and downlinking arrangements in place, Pudhari News is poised to keep Marathi-speaking audiences well-informed and engaged. The channel’s launch on GSAT-30 satellite will ensure wide accessibility across regions.
  2. Goldmines 2: A Treasure Trove of Hindi Entertainment
    Goldmines Telefilms Pvt. Ltd., a renowned name in the entertainment industry, is expanding its reach with the launch of Goldmines 2. This non-news channel promises to offer an extensive lineup of engaging content in Hindi. From blockbuster movies to captivating TV shows and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, Goldmines 2 is set to captivate viewers with its diverse entertainment offerings. The channel’s MIB license and the uplinking and downlinking arrangements ensure a seamless broadcast experience for Hindi-speaking audiences.
  3. Goldmines Action: Unleashing the Power of Action
    Action movie enthusiasts are in for a treat with the upcoming launch of Goldmines Action. As a sister channel to Goldmines 2, Goldmines Action will focus exclusively on adrenaline-pumping action films and TV shows. From high-octane stunts to intense fight sequences, this channel aims to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With the MIB license and the necessary technical arrangements finalized, Goldmines Action is all set to become a go-to destination for action aficionados seeking their daily dose of excitement.

Anticipation Builds: Launching on GSAT-30 Satellite
The three new channels—Pudhari News, Goldmines 2, and Goldmines Action—are scheduled to launch on the GSAT-30 satellite. This ensures extensive coverage and access to a wide range of viewers across India. The GSAT-30 satellite’s robust infrastructure and reach make it an ideal platform for these channels to establish a strong presence and connect with their target audiences effectively.

The arrival of Pudhari News, Goldmines 2, and Goldmines Action on the broadcasting scene brings an air of excitement for television enthusiasts. These channels, armed with their respective MIB licenses, are ready to deliver captivating content in Marathi and Hindi languages. Whether you’re seeking up-to-date news coverage, engaging entertainment, or action-packed thrills, these channels have something for everyone. Stay tuned for their launch on the GSAT-30 satellite, as they are all set to entertain and enthrall viewers with their unique offerings.

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