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pTron Bassbuds Jade Gaming True Wireless Headphone with 40Hrs Total Playtime – Review & Details

pTron Bassbuds Jade Gaming True Wireless Headphone

pTron Bassbuds Jade Gaming True Wireless Headphone with 40Hrs Total Playtime with Case, Low Latency, Deep Bass, BT5.0, Touch Control, Dual Mic, Passive Noise Cancellation & IPX4 Waterproof (Black)

The pTron Bassbuds Jade Gaming True Wireless Headphone is specially made for the people who just like to play game and want to enjoy each and every sounds of the game. According to pTron, Ooh this is a gaming wireless earphone specific model. After the test with this model I am just going to describe about my experience in this post. Continuously I used this model for more than 48 hours and I noted all the points that I observed by using this model.

So first of all let’s discuss about the specification for this model. These specification informations are are given by the manufacturer and posted on public websites.

This wireless earphone is having 13mm  dynamic speakers which ensures detailed sounds of gunshots, footsteps and explosion. This earphone is coming with very low latency between each sound effects. According to the manufacturer, the TWS earbuds the belt for an Ultimate gaming and music experience.

Whenever we are going to purchase a wireless your phone, we always look for better battery backup model. If I am going to discuss about the battery backup of this model then only one word I will tell, that’s incredible. After my 48 Hour test, I found a a battery backup of around 42 hours including the the case  which is more than the the claiming amount of time by the manufacturer.

I just felt like it was so good to get paired with any handset easily. I never face any issue with the Bluetooth connectivity with any device. I tested this one with both laptop and mobiles.

If you are a smartphone user then you must consider better sound quality whenever you are talking with someone on a telephonic conversation. This model is coming with dual HD Mic whitch and sure clear communication according to the manufacturer. But whenever I test the same, I found the guy who is listening to me on the call I was literally struggling to hear my voice.

The manufacturer is climbing that this model is having passive noise cancellation teacher. But whenever I tested this one, I found it it is little less.

The good thing about this model is is that, this model is having IPX4 water and sweat proof which can give you imaging experience in rain and wild doing exercises.

The price of this model is around 1499 to 1599 Indian rupees on Amazon.

After overall test for 48 hours here is my final result and some other about the model. By look and design  this model can get 4.8 out of 5. Whenever you will use this model, you will look stylish. The look of the model is more attractive that it can  attract you on the first look. The water and sweat proof is just awesome with this model. I will also get 4.5 out of 5 for the battery backup it was so good and it was same as the manufacturer. The main thing about the sound quality. Whenever I tested this one I found the output sound watch so good whenever you are listening to any gaming content or any high bass music or keep up and up things. But it was not seems to be good when ever you are listening to any soulful music or any classical music. For the sound output I will rate 4 out of five. And at last about the mic, OK I will let 2.5 out of 5.

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