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&Prive HD TV channel number Changed by Airtel Digital TV DTH

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Airtel Digital TV DTH has changed the channel number of &Prive HD TV channel. The old channel number was 265, and the new channel number is 254. However, the change was not indicated through any scroll or message, and it happened suddenly, leaving viewers confused.

This sudden change of channel numbers by Airtel Digital TV DTH has come as a surprise to many subscribers. For those who were accustomed to watching &Prive HD TV channel at 265, the sudden change of channel number to 254 has left them clueless. Moreover, there was no indication from Airtel Digital TV DTH about the change, which has made it even more difficult for viewers to adjust to the new channel number.

It is not uncommon for DTH service providers to change the channel numbers of their offerings. However, what makes this change by Airtel Digital TV DTH different is the lack of communication about the change. Ideally, DTH service providers must inform their subscribers about any changes to channel numbers through messages or scrolls on the affected channels. This allows viewers to be prepared for the change and avoid any inconvenience.

Moreover, sudden and unpredictable changes in channel numbers by DTH service providers can cause frustration among viewers. Subscribers pay for a particular set of channels, and sudden changes can cause them to miss out on their favorite shows or movies. DTH service providers must ensure that any changes are communicated well in advance so that subscribers can make the necessary adjustments.

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