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Prarthana TV Odia Channel Is Now Became 4th Most viewed Odia Channel & No.1 Devotional Channel

Prarthana TV odia

The one and only Odia devotional channel Prarthana TV is growing day by day. Continuously its viewership is increasing. Just 1 Month ago Prarthana TV entered to the Top.5 Odia channel list and appeared at 5th Position. 

But that was not the end, again Prarthana Increased its viewership and gain some huge impressions as per the last week report from BARC India. According to the report, Prarthana TV is now in the 4th number by beating Colors Odia Channel. Prarthana TV got 29614000+ impressions where Colors Odia got 28222000+ Impressions. This is a good symbol for Odia Devotional TV Market.

As you know now in Odia language only 1 devotional channel is there as Prarthana TV. Few other channels are also playing some devotional Programmes, but Prarthana TV is the only 24hr Odia devotional channel. But in future we will see few more Odia 24hr Devotional Channel like Sidharth Bhakti and may be soe more. So after lunch of Sidharth Bhakti might be the status can change. But till the time Sidharth Bhakti not lunching officially Prarthana Is the no.1 Odia Bhakti channel.

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