Postpaid Or Prepaid, Which One Is Best?

Sometime we feel confused about choosing prepaid or postpaid connections. Even we have a clear confusion about what are they actually. ets have a discussion about postpaid and prepaid and get a conclusion about which one will be good for you?

Before talking about the result lets know whats postpaid and prepaid are. Mobile operators have divided their plans in 2 service terms. One is prepaid and another is postpaid. Prepaid is that type of service where you have to pay 1st and then you will get the service of the quantity at your price point. Postpaid is that type of service term where you have to use the service 1st and then have to pay at the end of month as per your usage. On prepaid you cant exceed the usage limit as per your plan but will postpaid you can do it, but it may cost your more. With prepaid you can take add ons like data addon, voice addon etc after your usage exceeds, same also available on postpaid. when you are going for prepaid you have to pay 1st and have to purchase a plan from the operator, but with postpaid you have to choose a monthly plan. After the full month usage you have to pay the charge as bill payment. But to take a postpaid connection you have to pay some security charges whether with prepaid you just have to pay a small amount to get activated from the network. Anyhow prepaid to postpaid and postpaid to prepaid is possible easily. If you have a postpaid connection and you are wishing to go for prepaid then you must clear the bills and must have a clearance to go for another network. With MNP everything is possible now a days easily.

Now its on you to choose the option which will better for you. If you don’t want to get interrupted with your service usage then postpaid can give you non stop service without any hassle. If you are official also postpaid is much better for you. And if you know to manage limits and low usage then you must prefer for prepaid. Now a days as a comparison its clear that prepaid plan are costing you much lower and with good facilities rather then postpaid plans. Also prepaid have much offers with low budget.