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PM e-Vidya Channels Now Available on DD Free Dish: Enhancing Digital Education in Regional Languages

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In a significant move towards bolstering digital education, the Government of India has recently launched regional PM e-Vidya channels on DD Free Dish. With a focus on providing quality educational content to students across various states, these channels aim to bridge the learning gap and promote inclusive education. This article highlights the regional PM e-Vidya channel transmission available in different states, including Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Kerala, Mizoram, and Punjab. Moreover, it also mentions that DishTV and Dish D2H users can access these channels, with additional regional language channels scheduled to begin transmission soon.

PM e-Vidya Channels in Chandigarh:

In Chandigarh, the PM e-Vidya initiative offers a total of 29 educational channels. These channels are specifically designed to cater to the diverse educational needs of students in the region. By broadcasting subject-specific content, these channels enable students to access high-quality educational material from the comfort of their homes.

PM e-Vidya Channels in Jammu & Kashmir:

Jammu & Kashmir has been allocated three PM e-Vidya channels, which are available on DD Free Dish. Channel 1 is assigned to PM e-Vidya 36, Channel 4 to PM e-Vidya 39, and Channel 5 to PM e-Vidya 40. This provision allows students in Jammu & Kashmir to access educational content that aligns with their curriculum and enhances their learning experience.

PM e-Vidya Channels in Haryana:

Haryana, too, has embraced the PM e-Vidya initiative, with three channels dedicated to transmitting educational content. Channel 3 broadcasts PM e-Vidya 85, Channel 1 features PM e-Vidya 86, and Channel 5 airs PM e-Vidya 87. These channels enable students in Haryana to access comprehensive educational material and broaden their knowledge horizons.

PM e-Vidya Channels in Kerala:

Kerala, known for its emphasis on education, has been allocated five PM e-Vidya channels. These channels provide an extensive range of educational content for students in the state. PM e-Vidya 103 can be found on Channel 1, PM e-Vidya 104 on Channel 2, PM e-Vidya 105 on Channel 3, PM e-Vidya 106 on Channel 4, and PM e-Vidya 107 on Channel 5. With this diverse array of channels, students in Kerala can access subject-specific educational material in their regional language.

PM e-Vidya Channels in Mizoram:

The PM e-Vidya initiative has also reached Mizoram, offering students an educational channel specifically tailored to their needs. PM e-Vidya 129 is available on Channel 2, providing students in Mizoram with valuable educational resources to enhance their academic pursuits.

PM e-Vidya Channels in Punjab:

Punjab has been allocated five PM e-Vidya channels, catering to the diverse educational requirements of students in the state. Channel 1 broadcasts PM e-Vidya 143, Channel 2 airs PM e-Vidya 144, Channel 3 features PM e-Vidya 145, Channel 4 transmits PM e-Vidya 146, and Channel 5 showcases PM e-Vidya 147. These channels empower students in Punjab to access educational content in their regional language and facilitate effective learning.

DishTV and Dish D2H Users:

In addition to DD Free Dish, DishTV and Dish D2H users can also enjoy the benefits of the PM e-Vidya initiative. This extension ensures that a wider audience can

access the educational channels and leverage the digital content provided by the program.

The launch of regional PM e-Vidya channels on DD Free Dish is a commendable step by the Government of India to enhance digital education across the country. By offering educational content in regional languages, these channels ensure that students can learn effectively and in a familiar linguistic environment. The inclusion of DishTV and Dish D2H users further expands the reach of this initiative. With the upcoming transmission of additional regional language channels, the PM e-Vidya program is set to revolutionize digital education and promote equal access to quality learning resources for students nationwide.

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