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Odia TV Channel History – Journey from 1992 to Now

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I hope you are so much curious about this post. Lets have a travel from Old to new all time path for Odia TV channels.

IN 1975-1976 the soft entry of television broadcasting happened in Odisha. That was by Door darshan. The 1st Odia news broadcasting started in the year 1991. In 1992 Odisha was having its 24hr Odia channel as DD Odia or DD 6. DD Odia was transmitting from Cuttack, Bhawani Patna and Sambalpur. DD Odia was usually playing Odia entertainment, Music, Movie, News kind of shows.

IN the year 2002, the Ennandu TV network made an entry to Odisha and launched the 1st Private Odia entertainment channel as ETV Odia. It was also an entertainment channel including news shows. Its programs like Tulasi, Sanskara were the must popular shows in Odisha at that moment.

In the year 2007, Odisha Television Ltd. started its 1st Satellite channel OTV or Odisha TV. Earlier OTV was a News and Entertainment channel. It was also playing Odia movies, music and devotional shows. At that moment ETV was having huge popularity in Odisha. So OTV was struggling a little to cross ETV.

Later in the year 2009 few more Odia channels started. Another and the 1st Odia entertainment channel JOSH TV started in the year 2009. Josh TV was playing only Odia Serials, Comedy, Movies, Music & Devotional kind of shows. 

later in 2009, the 1st 24hr Odia News channel Naxatra News started on satellite. It was playing on News and Informational shows. It was also playing few music shows like Sur Sawal which was popular.

In the year 2009 another Odia channel Kamyab TV started. kamyab TV was playing News, Entertainment, Movie and Music shows.

Again in 2009, the 1st TV channel from Sambad group started as Kanak TV. IT was a pure 24hr Odia news channel.

IN the year 2009 again Odisha TV Ltd. started Odisha’s 1st 24hr Odia entertainment channel as Tarang TV and changed OTV to telecast only 24hr news programs and ITV became a 24hr News channel of Odisha.

In the same year 2009, OTV started Odisha’s 1st 24hr music channel as Tarang Music which was playing only music shows.

On 14th April 2010, Odisha TV Ltd. started 1st Odia devotional channel Prarthana TV which is playing 24hr Odia devotional shows.

IN Septembers 2010, Sarthak Music started 2 Odia channels as Sarthak TV and Ollywood TV. These channels were purely Odia entertainment, music, devotional and movie channels.

In 2012, seashore group started its 1st odia channel as STV Samachar and it was playing only Odia news shows.

in 2012, MBC TV Odia channel started as a news and entertainment channel. Which was focusing the cultural shows of Odisha.

In the year 2014, Zee Network made an entry to Odisha market with its 1st ever Odia channel ZEE Kalinga. It was playing both Entertainment and news programs. Among the programs Mo Jejema was the most viewed program of Zee Kalinga. 

in 2015, Zee Taken Sarthak TV and Made Zee Kalinga to perform as a 24hr Odia news channel and Zee sarthak was the Entertainment channel.

In 2015, Odisha TV Ltd. Started the 1st Odia 24hr Movie channel as Alankar TV. It was playing only Odia Movies and Jatra shows and is the only Odia movie channel as of Now.

Later Naxatra TV announced its 1st Odia entertainment channel Saptaranga TV. But unfortunately it was unable to launch the channel.

In 2014 also Lakshya TV Odia channel started. It was also running Odia GEC, Music, Movie shows. But after few years of broadcasting it stopped.

Also one more Odia channel Ekamra Nilachakra was started in between 2013-2014 and also it got stopped. It was also a Odia entertainment channel.

Later ETV was overtaken by TV 18 network and renamed as Colors Odia. Now Colors Odia became a 24hr Odia entertainment channel.

Later ETV came with a Odia 24hr news channel as ETV Odia News. Later the name changed to News 18 Odia.

Zee kalinga got renamed to Zee Odisha Recently.

In the year 2020, Sambad network started its 2nd Odia channel after 10 years of launching Kanak News. The new channel was Majari TV. Manjari TV is a new Odia entertainment channel which basically plays Movies, serials, music and more.

In 2020, Argus TV started as a 24hr Odia digital News channel and later coming on satellite.

Bada Khabar, another Odia news channel started in 2020 on satellite.

BB TV Odia was about to launch and became invisible.

In future Odia peoples are going to watch more Odia channels in their TV screen. Sarthak Music is going to enter again with 4 New Odia Channels in 2021 as Siddharth TV, Siddharth Music, Siddharth Bhakti and Siddharth Gold.

Star India is coming with Star Kirano, a 24hr Odia entertainment channel. Zee might come with Zee Odia Cinema in future. 

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