New 24*7 Odia Entertainment TV Channel Manjari TV Started

Eastern Media is now ready to present its 2nd Odia TV Channel. Its an odia language 24*7 entertainment channel. It all set to launch and test transmission has been started on sattelite.

Manjari TV is the 1st odia Free to Air entertainment channel. This channel will AIR some exclusive odia series, film and Jatra shows.

Lets discussion about the odia program that coming soon on Manjari TV. Here is the list of program ready to AIR on Manjari TV.

Apananka Rashiphala:
This will be an odia horoscope show which will telecast every morning on Manjari TV.

V. Vimal Kumar & Wife
Its an odia comedy show. Popular odia comedy artist Mr. Gulua and Chandini will be the star cast of the show.

Bohu Amara NRI
This is an Odia serial and Koyal is coming for the 1st time as a serial artist in this show.

Hello Hi Namaste
This is an Odia morning show with soma latest gossip and music which will telecast every morning on Manjari TV.

Hasya Samrat Papunka Gadire Basiba Kie
This is an Odia comedy reality show which will telecast on Saturday and Sunday on Manjari TV.

This is an odia Devotional show hosted by Ira Mohanty. This will telecast every morning and evening on Manjari TV.

Mo Dehe Boli De To Deha Kala
This is an odia serial which will telecast every evening on Manjari TV.

Kidnap Company
This is an Odia comedy show with so many odia comedy artists.

Beside these shows also Manjari is ready to telecast some exclusive odia full Jatra from Estern Opera. Here are some exclusive Upcoming odia Jatra Premiere List on Manjari TV

1. Balatkari Ku Fasi Dio
2. Pakistani Jhia Bharata Bohu
3. Badmash Manisha
4. A Munni Badnam Hui
and Much More…

Manjari TV is coming with few odia Movie premieres with exclusive odia movies.
Here are some list of movies coming soon on Manjari TV.

1. Adrushyam
2. Tike Love Tike Twist
3. Kie Se Dakuchhi Kauthi Mote
4. Mimansha
5. Chhati Tale Ding Dong
6. Tulasi Apa
& Much More