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MIB Cancelled 13 TV Channels Licenses

upcoming kannada channels 2021

MIB has cancelled license of 13 TV channels recently. All the channels were not active and closed by the broadcasters. Here is the list of channels whose license has been cancelled by MIB.

  1. ETV Balbharat Marathi
  2. ETV Balbharat Odia
  3. ETV Balbharat Gujarati
  4. ETV Balbharat Punjabi
  5. ETV Balbharat Bangla
  6. ETV Balbharat Assamese
  7. Shiva Shakti Sai TV
  8. Pearls Haryana Express
  9. India Watch
  10. Salvation
  11. ATV
  12. UPdate News
  13. Update TV
  14. Media One TV
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