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Manjari TV Is Available or Not

manjari tv odia tv channel

Hey guys. Hope you all are doing well. Let’s have a discussion about the Odia tv channel Manjari TV. You might have a question in your mind where is Manjari TV right now. Yes I can understand that still you are missing the TV channel on jio TV on your TV screen. In this post I am going to discuss about  the Odia general Entertainment TV channel Manjari TV.

Friends Manjari TV Odia general Entertainment TV Channel was started by Eastern media entertainment couple of years ago. The channel was a free to air Odia general Entertainment channel and was the first free to air Entertainment channel in Odisha market. The channel also doing well and  also the channel was having lot of good Odia language programs. The channel was also producing it on entertainment program for daily series in Odia language and the channel was also having a good collection of Odia movies. The most about the channel was the channel was having a lot of Odia Jatra and you know how Odia people are curious about Odia Jatra.

Sometime also have seen the channel was at third number of the top most viewed Odia tv channel in Odisha. But after sometime the channel but closed from the broadcaster. This might happen due to lack of sponsorship for their programs and might be it impact to the revenue of the channel. Currently not available on satellite. And the channel is only available on jio TV application. After closing from the satellite broadcasting the channel become a digital channel. You can also find the programs of the channel on YouTube.

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