List Of TV Channels from ITV Network

ITV network offering so many channels in India in various categories. Few are regional and few channels are in Hindi language offered from ITV network. Basically you will find India News name tag with ITV network channels . In this list we have listed all the currently running, upcoming and hd channels list from the ITV network.

1. India News
2. News X
3. India News Punjab/Himachal
4. India News Haryana
5. India News Gujarat
6. India News UP/UK
7. India News MP/CG
8. INDIA News Rajasthan
9. NorthEast News [24th Sep 2019]
10.Khushi TV {AAndy Haryana}

1. News X HD
2. News X Kannada
3. P Plus
4. PTunes

Upcoming ITV channels:
1.India News Odisha
2.India News Bangla
3.India News Jai Maharastra
4.India News Bihar Jharkhand