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List Of Marathi TV Channel Number available on Tata PLay DTH

tata play channel number

tata play channel number

A Comprehensive List of Marathi TV Channels Available on Tata Play DTH

Tata Play DTH has emerged as one of the top choices for television viewers in India, offering a wide variety of channels to cater to diverse interests. For those who prefer Marathi entertainment and news, Tata Play DTH provides an impressive lineup of Marathi TV channels. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of Marathi TV channels available on Tata Play DTH, along with their respective LCN (Logical Channel Number).

  1. Colors Marathi HD (LCN: 1201):
  1. Colors Marathi (LCN: 1202):
  1. Zee Marathi HD (LCN: 1203):
  1. Zee Marathi (LCN: 1204):
  1. Star Pravah HD (LCN: 1207):
  1. STAR Pravah (LCN: 1208):
  1. Zee YUVA (LCN: 1211):
  1. SONY MARATHI (LCN: 1213):
  1. Sun Marathi (LCN: 1217):
  1. Zee Talkies HD (LCN: 1225):
    • Experience the magic of Marathi cinema in high definition on Zee Talkies HD.
  2. Zee Talkies (LCN: 1226):
    • Zee Talkies brings the best Marathi movies to your TV.
  3. Pravah Picture (LCN: 1228):
    • Pravah Picture is a channel dedicated to Marathi movies.
  4. Fakt Marathi (LCN: 1229):
    • Fakt Marathi offers a variety of Marathi programming.
  5. Shemaroo MarathiBana (LCN: 1230):
    • Shemaroo MarathiBana showcases Marathi movies and entertainment.
  6. ABP Majha (LCN: 1255):
    • Stay informed with the latest news and updates on ABP Majha.
  7. News18 Lokmat (LCN: 1257):
    • News18 Lokmat is a trusted source for Marathi news.
  8. Zee 24 Taas (LCN: 1259):
    • Zee 24 Taas keeps you updated with breaking news and more.
  9. Saam TV (LCN: 1261):
    • Saam TV offers a mix of news and entertainment.
  10. Jai Maharashtra (LCN: 1262):
    • Jai Maharashtra is dedicated to Marathi news and culture.
  11. TV9 Marathi (LCN: 1263):
    • TV9 Marathi is a popular news channel in the Marathi language.
  12. Lokshahi (LCN: 1265):
    • Lokshahi focuses on regional news and current affairs.
  13. News State Maharashtra Goa (LCN: 1266):
    • Get the latest news from Maharashtra and Goa on News State.
  14. Pudhari News 🆕 (LCN: 1267):
    • Pudhari News is a new addition to the Marathi news landscape.
  15. DD Sahyadri (LCN: 1274):
    • DD Sahyadri offers a mix of cultural and informative programming.
  16. Sangeet Marathi (LCN: 1277):
    • Sangeet Marathi is your destination for Marathi music and entertainment.

Tata Play DTH offers an extensive selection of Marathi TV channels, ensuring that viewers can access a diverse range of content, from news and current affairs to entertainment and movies. Whether you’re a fan of Marathi cinema, keen on staying updated with the latest news, or simply looking for entertaining shows, Tata Play DTH has you covered with its wide array of Marathi channels.

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