List of Infotainment Channels available on DishTV

DishTV is having the maximum number of infotainment channels in both HD and SD format and also in multiple language options. Here is the list of all channels available on DishTV.

  1. Discovery HD (5.1) (Eng/Hin/Tam/Tel/Ben/Mar/Mal/Kan)
  2. Discovery (Eng/Hin/Tam/Tel/Ben/Mar/Mal/Kan)
  3. Animal Planet HD (5.1) (Hin/Eng/Tam)
  4. Animal Planet (Hin/Eng/Tam)
  5. Nat Geographic HD (5.1) (Hin/Eng/Tam/Ben)
  6. Nat Geographic (Hin/Eng/Tam/Tel/Ben)
  7. Discovery Science (Hin/Eng)
  8. Discovery Turbo
  9. History TV18 HD (5.1) (Hin/Eng/Tam/Tel)
  10. History TV18 (Hin/Eng/Tam/Tel)
  11. Nat Geo Wild HD (5.1) (Hin/Eng/Tam/Tel)
  12. Nat Geo Wild (Hin/Eng/Tam/Tel)
  13. Sony BBC Earth HD (5.1) (Hin/Eng/Tam/Tel)
  14. Sony BBC Earth (Hin/Eng/Tam/Tel)
  15. EPIC