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List Of Bhojpuri TV Channel Number on Tata Play DTH

tata play channel number

tata play channel number

Explore the Vibrant World of Bhojpuri Entertainment with Tata Play DTH

The world of Bhojpuri entertainment is known for its colorful culture, music, and movies. If you’re a fan of Bhojpuri content and have Tata Play DTH as your preferred satellite television service, you’re in for a treat. Tata Play DTH offers a diverse range of Bhojpuri TV channels that cater to various tastes and preferences. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a list of Bhojpuri TV channels available on Tata Play DTH along with their respective LCN (Logical Channel Number).

  1. Zee Ganga (LCN 1102):
    Zee Ganga is a popular Bhojpuri entertainment channel known for its mix of movies, music, and cultural programs. Whether you enjoy Bhojpuri music or want to watch the latest Bhojpuri films, Zee Ganga has you covered.
  2. MH One Dil Se (LCN 1104):
    MH One Dil Se is a channel that brings you a wide variety of Bhojpuri music and entertainment. From hit Bhojpuri songs to celebrity interviews, this channel keeps you entertained.
  3. Zee Biskope (LCN 1113):
    Zee Biskope is a dedicated Bhojpuri movie channel that showcases the latest Bhojpuri blockbusters, classic films, and exclusive premieres. If you’re a movie buff, this channel is a must-watch.
  4. Filamchi Bhojpuri (LCN 1114):
    Filamchi Bhojpuri offers a blend of Bhojpuri movies, music, and entertaining shows. It’s a great source of entertainment for Bhojpuri enthusiasts.
  5. Oscar Movies Bhojpuri (LCN 1118):
    Oscar Movies Bhojpuri is another channel that specializes in Bhojpuri movies, including action, drama, comedy, and more. You can catch the latest releases here.
  6. Bhojpuri Cinema (LCN 1119):
    Bhojpuri Cinema is dedicated to Bhojpuri films, and it airs a diverse selection of movies from the Bhojpuri film industry. It’s a one-stop destination for Bhojpuri movie buffs.
  7. B4U Bhojpuri (LCN 1120):
    B4U Bhojpuri is a channel that brings you Bhojpuri music videos, movie trailers, and special programs featuring Bhojpuri stars.
  8. Pasand (LCN 1122):
    Pasand is a Bhojpuri channel known for its entertainment shows, music videos, and cultural programs that showcase the essence of Bhojpuri culture.
  9. News18 Bi.Jhd (LCN 1129):
    If you’re interested in staying updated with the latest news from Bihar and Jharkhand, News18 Bi.Jhd is the channel to watch. It covers news, politics, and current affairs from the region.
  10. Zee Bihar Jharkhand (LCN 1130):
    Zee Bihar Jharkhand offers a wide range of programming, including news, entertainment, and cultural content, catering specifically to the Bihar and Jharkhand regions.
  11. News State Bihar Jharkhand (LCN 1131):
    News State Bihar Jharkhand is another news channel that focuses on delivering accurate and timely news updates from Bihar and Jharkhand.
  12. DD Bihar (LCN 1154):
    DD Bihar, part of Doordarshan, provides a mix of informative and entertainment programs, including news, cultural shows, and educational content.

  1. Tata Play DTH offers a fantastic selection of Bhojpuri TV channels that cater to the diverse tastes and interests of Bhojpuri-speaking audiences. Whether you’re a fan of Bhojpuri movies, music, news, or cultural programs, you’ll find a channel that suits your preferences. So, tune in and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Bhojpuri entertainment with Tata Play DTH.
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