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List Of Bengali TV Channel Number available on Tata PLay DTH

tata play channel number

tata play channel number

A Comprehensive Guide to Bengali TV Channels on Tata Play DTH

Bengali television has always been a vital source of entertainment and information for the people of West Bengal and Bengali-speaking communities around the world. If you’re a Tata Play DTH subscriber and you’re looking for a comprehensive list of Bengali TV channels along with their respective LCNs (Logical Channel Numbers), you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a detailed guide to all the Bengali TV channels available on Tata Play DTH.

Bengali Regional Channels:

  1. Colors Bangla HD (LCN 1302): Offering a wide range of entertainment, including popular Bengali TV shows, reality shows, and movies in high definition.
  2. Colors Bangla (LCN 1303): The standard definition version of Colors Bangla, catering to a broad Bengali-speaking audience.
  3. Zee Bangla HD (LCN 1306): Watch your favorite Zee Bangla shows and movies in high definition for an immersive viewing experience.
  4. Zee Bangla (LCN 1307): The standard definition version of Zee Bangla, featuring a diverse lineup of programming.
  5. Star Jalsha HD (LCN 1309): Enjoy Star Jalsha’s top-rated serials, reality shows, and more in high definition.
  6. STAR JALSHA (LCN 1310): The standard definition version of Star Jalsha, known for its captivating content.
  7. SONY AATH (LCN 1312): A popular Bengali entertainment channel offering a mix of crime thrillers, comedy, and drama.
  8. Sun Bangla (LCN 1317): A channel that brings a variety of Bengali entertainment to your screen.
  9. Aakash Aath (LCN 1320): Known for its devotional and spiritual content along with other entertaining shows.
  10. Ruposhi Bangla (LCN 1321): Offering a diverse range of shows, including drama, reality, and more.
  11. Enterr10 Bangla (LCN 1322): Providing a mix of movies, music, and entertainment.
  12. Jalsha Movies HD (LCN 1326): Enjoy the latest Bengali movies in high definition.
  13. Jalsha Movies (LCN 1327): The standard definition version of Jalsha Movies, perfect for movie enthusiasts.
  14. Zee Bangla Cinema (LCN 1329): A channel dedicated to Bengali movies and film-related content.
  15. Colors Bangla Cinema (LCN 1331): Bringing the world of Bengali cinema to your TV screen.
  16. Khushboo Bangla (LCN 1341): Offering a variety of shows, including music, drama, and more.
  17. R Plus Gold (LCN 1342): A new addition to the lineup, providing exclusive content.
  18. Rongeen TV (LCN 1355): Another recent addition to Tata Play DTH, offering fresh and vibrant entertainment.
  19. ABP Ananda (LCN 1360): A trusted source for news, current affairs, and more in Bengali.
  20. 24 Ghanta (LCN 1362): A popular 24-hour Bengali news channel.
  21. Kolkata TV (LCN 1363): Offering news, entertainment, and cultural programming.
  22. News18 Bangla (LCN 1365): Providing comprehensive news coverage in Bengali.
  23. TV9 Bangla (LCN 1366): A channel dedicated to news and current affairs.
  24. Republic Bangla (LCN 1367): Bringing the Republic TV experience to Bengali viewers.
  25. News Time Bangla (LCN 1368): Delivering news and information round the clock.
  26. CTVN (LCN 1369): Offering a mix of news, entertainment, and cultural content.
  27. Calcutta News (LCN 1370): Keeping you updated with the latest news and events in Kolkata.
  28. NKTV BANGLA (LCN 1371): A new entrant in the Bengali TV space, providing fresh content.
  29. R Plus (LCN 1372): Another channel from R Plus, offering diverse programming.
  30. DD Bangla (LCN 1379): The Bengali language channel of Doordarshan, India’s public service broadcaster.
  31. Sangeet Bangla (LCN 1380): A channel dedicated to Bengali music and entertainment.

With this comprehensive list of Bengali TV channels available on Tata Play DTH, you can easily navigate and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, news, and entertainment in the Bengali language. Whether you’re a fan of Bengali serials, movies, or news, Tata Play DTH has you covered with an extensive selection of channels catering to your preferences. Happy viewing!

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