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Title: Stay Connected on the Fly with Jio Inflight Packs

If you are a frequent traveler and want to stay connected while flying, then Jio’s Inflight Packs are a great solution. Jio offers three different packs priced at Rs. 499, Rs. 699, and Rs. 999, which can be subscribed by both prepaid and postpaid Jio mobile customers.


All three Inflight Packs are hybrid packs that offer data, outgoing calls, and SMS services. However, these packs can only be used while flying, and the entitlements are only applicable during the flight. Here’s a breakdown of the features and entitlements of each pack:

Please note that in-flight usage is not allowed beyond the entitlements mentioned above. If you want to use more data or make more calls, you can recharge with an additional pack to get the Inflight Pack entitlement.

Jio’s Inflight Packs are a great option for travelers who want to stay connected while in the air. With reasonable pricing and multiple pack options, Jio is making it easier for people to stay connected even when they are thousands of feet above the ground. So next time you are flying with Jio, don’t forget to subscribe to their Inflight Packs and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity in the skies.

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