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Jay Jagannatha New Odia TV Channel Coming Soon from Sarthak Music Ltd

Jay Jagannatha TV Odia Channel

Hello dear friends. Welcome to the TV channel news update  with . In today’s update we came with the information about a a new Odia tv channel which may come to your TV screen very soon. The name of the channel will be Jay Jagannatha and it will be a Odia language TV channel. This channel will be from Sarthak music Limited which  is a a good music company and the oldest music company of Odisha. Earlier the name of the channel was Sidharth music but recently we have seen Sarthak music request that for name change to the MIB from Sidharth music to Jay Jagannatha TV.

Earlier the plan was from Sarthak music to launch a 24 hour Odia music channel but after this name change request we have to wait for the information regarding what kind of channel Jai Jagannath will be. Basically the name of the channel is looking like  it might be a Odia devotional channel. But for your information we want to tell you that Sarthak music already having a Odia devotional channel named Siddharth bhakti. Beside this Siddharth hoti also Sarthak music is having other channels like Sidharth TV and Siddharth called  or in in general entertainment and movies category respectively.  Since the name change has been requested to MIB, so we have to wait for the the next decision from Sarthak music Private Limited.

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