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Is Sidharth Gold Odia Channel Available on Sun Direct?

sun direct dth new channels 2020

Hello my dear friends. Here we are going to discuss about the latest Odia language offerings updates on Sun Direct DTH. There is little bit confusion between the Sun Direct users and the the Sidharth TV Network about the offering of Siddharth gold channel on sun direct.

So my dear friends, you might already aware that exclusively Sun Direct DTH  started  offering Siddharth TV Network channels on its platform for the first time. No other DTH platform care taken the initiative to include Sidharth TV Network channels into their platform. So you might have seen the updates from Sidharth TV Network Facebook page that all the channels of Sidharth TV Network are now available on Sun Direct DTH including Sidharth TV, Siddharth bhakti and Siddharth Gold. Hence by this update Sun Direct Odia users are getting confused weather Siddharth cold channel is available on Sun Direct or not.

For your confirmation by checking all the updates I found that only two TV channels from Sidharth TV Network are headed into Sun Direct. Sidharth TV and Siddharth  bhakti. Siddharth gold is not yet  added on Sun Direct DTH. Might be there is a chance that this channel  can be added to Sun Direct shortly.

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