India News Odisha – A New Odia TV Channel Coming Soon

A new Odia language news and current affair channel going to start very soon from ITV Network. Curently ITV Network is running 11 Satellite TV Channels. Here is the list of currently running TV channels from ITV network.

  1. India News
  2. News X
  3. India News Punjab
  4. India News Haryana
  5. India News Gujarat
  6. India News UP/UK
  7. India News MP/CG
  8. INDIA News Rajasthan
  9. NorthEast News [24th Sep 2019]
  10. PTunes
  11. Khushi TV {AAndy Haryana}

India News Odisha will be the 1st odia channel from ITV network. Earlier it was planed to lunch as NewsX Odisha. But as of Now its name suppose to be India News Odisha. We hope the channel to be started very soon in the year 2020.