What is Google Play Store?

What is Google Play Store?

Android Mobile Operating System is A Product of Google. Now a days it is the most popular operating system for mobile as for its user friendly functions and cool designs. With a android mobile phone we need android applications or softwares to use. So that we need to download them from web. Also there are many developers who develop many android applications as per user need to stay connect with there users, to promote their products, to being a marketer on smartphones etc. So user need to download android applications from the internet. But downloading a application from one site and snother from another is not a reliable thing for users. So that to make a solution to this issue google made its own Application portal which name is Google Search Console. Here you can get all android application to download for free. Also all applications are spam protected. So there is no chance of spamy or unwanted applications to download from the Play Store.

To make the store user friendly google has arranged the applications in various categories like Social, Music, Games etc. You can find most popular applications in popular category and can find top rated applications from top category. Also you can get most downloaded apps, most used apps, user review on apps, screenshots of apps, details of versions of apps, timely updates of applications direct from the google play store.


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