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How to upgrade the Cisco Catalyst 9200 switch IOS

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To upgrade the Cisco Catalyst 9200 switch IOS, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Download the appropriate IOS image for your switch from the Cisco website or other trusted sources. Make sure you have the necessary licensing and permissions to obtain the firmware.
  2. Transfer the IOS image file to the switch. You can use TFTP, FTP, or SCP protocols to transfer the file. Here’s an example using TFTP:
copy tftp://<TFTP server IP>/<IOS image file name> flash:
  1. Verify the integrity of the transferred image using the MD5 hash. You can find the MD5 hash value on the Cisco website alongside the IOS image. Compare the calculated MD5 hash with the provided one to ensure file integrity.
verify /md5 flash:<IOS image file name>
  1. Set the boot system to the new IOS image. Use the boot system command to specify the boot image location. For example:
boot system flash:<IOS image file name>
  1. Save the configuration changes:
write memory
  1. Verify that the new IOS image is set as the default boot image:
show bootvar
  1. Reload the switch to start using the new IOS image:

During the switch reboot, it should load the newly specified IOS image as the default operating system.

Note: The specific command syntax may vary depending on the IOS version and switch model. It’s always recommended to refer to the Cisco documentation or release notes for the exact commands and procedures relevant to your switch model and IOS version.

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