How To Solve Processor Heat Issue?

Generally processor produce heat while its processing the data.  processor also over its unit performing beyond the recommended Speed.  if the processor getting over it again and again then it may cause damage of the processor.  cooling devices such as a processor fan must be installed to cool down the processor for the thermal paste should be used on the processor to make it cool.

Here are some solution for the processor overheating issue:

  1. First of all check the processor fan if it’s installed and working properly.
  2. Ensure that the heat sink compound or thermal paste is properly in contact with the processor and heatsink assemble and is not dried up.  if it is dried up then put some thermal paste on top of the processor.
  3. Check the jumper setting on the motherboard and the BIOS setting to  see that the microprocessor is not overclocked.  restore the BIOS setting to default settings in case there is a problem or changes happened.