How to Solve Display Not Coming Issue?

Sometimes due to the fail of processor you may face no display issue on your computer. In such situation the system generate beep codes about the processor failure. From that beep code we can detect that the issue is from the processor end. In this situation it may cause that you have to replace the processor of your computer.  here are some troubleshooting which we are providing here that may also help you to solve the situation or your problem.

The troubleshooting ways of this situation:

  1. Check whether the CPU fan is functioning properly or not.
  2. Ensure that the processor with heatsink assembly is properly installed.
  3. Take out the CMOS battery and put it after sometime or reset the CMOS by jumper setting and check.
  4. If still after  the CMOS check up the problem is not solved then check if processor is getting the voltage what it needs or not.  put your finger on the top of the processor so that you can understand whether processor is getting voltage or not.  when you are putting a finger on the processor  if it is over heated or cool then the process of power section giving a problem.  in this  situation check the voltage regular ICS near the processor using multimeter.  if these voltage regulator IC is a rocket then processor is faulty.  so all you have to do to change the processor.
  5. If it’s needed to replace the processor then you must replace the processor with the same specification what you are using up your computer.  the speed,  voltage,  fsb speed, and the Cache memory size of the processor should match with that of the old processor.