How To Detect A Virus If Its By Webpage Or From PC When Opening Browser

Hello friends today I will discuss something important that will help you to protect your PC from virus or to make your PC secure from unwanted virus which comes from web pages, web or from Browser. Sometime it happened that when opening a webpage WE see a popup from Quick Heal Anti-Virus if we are using a Quick Heal Anti-Virus or it was also from any other anti-virus shows that there is infected file or the webpage you are opening are detected with virus. But you will see that the webpage quick heal AV showing you is not that webpage which you are opening. So in that scenario what should we do to check whether the virus is from the web page or the browser or my PC is infected.

virus warning

In this Scenario just we have to check that if the warning is from website which you are opening by oprning with the private browsing option of the browser. If you are using Google Chrome browser then just press CTRL+SHIFT+N. And you will automatically enter to the private browsing of Google Chrome. Now just open that website which you have opened in Google Chrome Browser and see the infected message in that private browsing option. After opening the website if you are not showing the popup from your antivirus what you had before when opening with non private browsing option then it’s hundred percent guaranteed that the virus has been detected your PC or your browsing system. If you are viewing that pop up again also with the private browsing option then it’s hundred percent guaranteed that the website is infected with virus so that you should stop browsing that website till the problem has been solved or you may contact to the website owner and you can inform that to clear that virus from that website.

The process that can done by the website admin directly to solve if its from his end, but when it’s coming to you means that if you are not seeingĀ  the message when opening the website with private browsing then you should take some precautions which may help you to protect your computer PC. So before talking about the process to save your PC from the virus let’s discuss why the virus come to your PC. Sometime it happened that we open some and unwanted website which cause the virus file downloaded to our PC and cause that type of problem. Sometime it also happened that we had some extensions to our browser to use some tricky way for Facebook or other any type of social services which may cause this type of problem.

Now to save your PC first do a full scan of your system. Then remove some unknown extensions from your browser directly in setting. Then the problem will resolved from your PC.