How To Buy A Domain Name with Godaddy?


How To Purchase A Domain Name with Godaddy?


 Here are the steps for purchasing a domain from godaddy online. Before reading the post lets know why should we need a domain? We need a domain name for our website like A domain name need to be registered for a minimum period of 12 months with a special price by godaddy. Now lets start the steps for buying a domain name.


Step 1: Goto Your Browser and open

The website of godaddy will open like this.

Step 2:  Now Click On “Domains” as sjown on screen

After cliking on domain a screen will open as below

Step 3: Now click on “Domain Name Search”

Step 4: Enter Your Domain Name In The Text Box and click on “Search” As Given Below

Step 5: Now It will show your domain is available or not with price tag as given below

Step 6: Click Add To Cart

Step 7: Click “Continue With These Options”

Step 8: Scroll Down and Click “Continue To cart”


 Step 9: now click on “Create Account” and Create a account

Step 10: Fill the user form and click on “Create Account”

Step 11: Fill the address details and click on “Save”

Step 12: Choose Payment Method

Step 13: Now click on “Complete Purchase”

Step 14: Pay the balance by following the bank procedure and get the domain.