How Much Reliance JIO Earning from Each Single Customer?

What is income of Reliance JIO?


Hello friends. As you know the Reliance JIO does the real hungama in Indian Market from the time when it came. There is no one who dont know about about JIO in India. After the JIO join the race in Indian telecom induatry all other networks got sucked with JIO’s jhatka. JIO is more popular with its free offers and the low rate data rates. Mukesh Ambani’s real wisely mind got worked and JIO got success in India. Now you may think that if a company has given free facilities to users without any charge for more then 6 months in a whole country when the rate of facility was very cheap and sometime dream for a user to afford it, than is the company is in profit or got loss with it. Even we also know jio is still the cheapest rate service provider ever in India.

So lets have talk on jios Income with a average of each 1 user based on the report by Indiatimes. In the completion of the 1 quarter of 2018, JIO has declared that its customer base in Indian was 186.6 million on 31st March 2018. JIo has also said that the subscriber base has increased by 83 million compare to the year 2016-17. Jio has said that its revenue from one user is Rs.137 per month. If as a average one user is paying Rs.137 per month to JIO then after the count the monthly average income of Reliance JIO is coming around Rs.2557 Crore. This is what the real thing to think.

Jio just not gave the free data and call to make popular itself in India. It was a pre thinking plan for future by Mukesh Ambani. That’s not a matter what he does and what was his thought. It matters that for him we are getting unlimited data and call now days for a full month at the price less then of a price of 1 GB data of past period. So we are here thanks to reliance jio.

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