DishTV Repairing Charge Is Getting Panic Now A Days

Its Not just a post. It’s a real story of myself when my DishTV stb gone dead. Suddenly My DIshtv stb gone dead and no power came to it. I checked the adapter and it was ok. I suddenly call to dishtv care and lunched a complain against it. Then a call came from dishtv. After all conversation with the representative i got to know that “If anytime your setup box having a issue you have to Pay Rs.613”.

The charges are as per the person i talked given below:
Cost Of Repair: Rs.350 + 18% GST*
Cost Of Service Person: Rs.200
Total: 413+200=613

I dont think its good enough from dishtv. Because we are paying Charges every month to them and why should we pay a price of Rs.613. Just think in that price i can add something more to have a new STB of other network. Even my local cable operator only charging me Rs.990 for a new connection with 1 Month of free viewing along with life time free warranty.