DishTV Going To Add More Channels From New Satellite SES-12

A new satellite SES-12 has been sent to space on 4th June 2018. This satellite will give services in place of old NSS6 satellite. As we know DishTV is providing its service from 2004 to till now. From the beginning dishtv providing services from NSS6 satellite. But the life span of NSS6 is going to end in 2019. So that a new satellite is lunching in place of NSS6 as SES12. DishTV will acquire KU band transponders from this satellite. This satellite alignment will be in same position of NSS6 @ 95 degree east. This Satellite have 58 Transponders. From which its not clear that how much transponders dish tv will take.

At present dishtv providing services from 5 satellites. Those are NSS6, Asiasat-5, SES-8, GSAT15 & ST-2. From these satellites NSS6 was using by dishtv from its starting, Asiasat-5 was using by dishtv to provide HD channels, SES-8 is using by dishtv to provide channels to sri lanka and pakistan, GSAT-15 is used to provide channels of DD FREE DISH & ST-2 is recently acquired by dishtv to provide Videocon D2H Channels.