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DishTV & D2H free 7 HD Channels Offer extension till 31st Jan 2023


Dear Dish TV customer or if you are using d2h. You are on this page and from your  appearance I can understand that you are a a customer who is enjoying the the free HD channels  that then offered by Dish TV from a long time. You might have a question in your mind that what will happen to those channels now. Because earlier when the offer was introduced by Dish TV, it was inform to everyone that this offer will be valid till 31st December 2022. But now its 2023 January. So what will happen right now to those free HD channels?

Show after 31st December 2022 you now also you can see that the free HD channels that been offered by Dish TV are running on your TV screen for free. I was also being a little confused about that  regarding how I am getting the channels for free. As I am aware that the channels were already been crossed the border line of the validity of offer extension. But a good news for all the Dish TV customer that this offer has been extended till 31st January 2023. So for one more month you are going to enjoy the channels for free.

If you are not aware about the offer then I want to tell you that this offer has been introduced by Dish TV in 2022 middle. According to the offer we will enjoy 7 number of free HD channels that been offered by Dish TV for free. The channel what you can get has been decided by DishTV according to the zones.  For North Zone mostly will get the Hindi entertainment and movie channels in the bundle. And if you are belongs to south zone then you will get most of the sports channel in the list.

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